Anju Noodle Bar

When designing the branding for Anju, I wanted to keep it light and airy with a touch of whimsy. I didn’t want anyone to take it too seriously and wanted to make it very approachable for diners to feel comfortable with the menu and in the space. Anju, which is a type of pear, was a nice shape and icon to play with. I created the logo by hand drawing the pear but adding in some very strong geometric lines to create contrast with the freedom of the outline of the pear. Keeping it really simple and clean with thin “hand sketched” typography, the branding is easy to recognize and unique.

• Logo and brand identity
• Menu design
• Business cards
• T-Shirt design
• Worked with Green Foundery on sign design and concept
• Window decals
• Website
• Directed photoshoot in collaboration with Bravo Photography