Raising Change is a full service global consulting firm and digital platform that focusing on helping donor and fundraisers raise and gift money for various cases around the world. Raising Change had no digital presence other than an old, non-responsive website with little traffic. They were looking to create a compelling experience that would house a variety of digital tools and information that could be shared and marketed. Working with a team I put together of strategists and developers, we helped Raising Change learn who they were, who they wanted to reach and how they wanted to look and feel. We designed a CMS responsive website that would showcase their business and worked closely with my team on functionality, UX and content to deliver a beautiful and seamless experience to their viewers. 

• Responsive website design
• Digital brand presents
• Worked directly with my team on strategy, development of brand and digital goals
• Wires
• UX
• Functionality
• Digital brand style guide